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Where there is opportunity, there is optionality. Roger Obando chases optionality, and finds opportunity – to grow, to iterate, and to evolve. As co-founder of the culture-shifting CRM cannabis platform, Baker Technologies, Roger catalyzed his experience as a Duke-educated CTO in traditional industries to the emerging, risky, and disruptive cannabis industry. Launching a product in the early stages of legalization was a testament to Roger’s desire to elevate not only himself, but a plant and community that were poised to shift the paradigm of wellness, empowerment, and liberty. The son of immigrants, Roger knew all too well the disproportionate lack of opportunity offered to him in northern New Jersey. Without access, he needed to be creative, and so, Roger created opportunity. To reach higher, he elevated his thoughts. To connect at the top, he leveraged his base traits to intersect at the highest version of himself. Experience married passion, and led him to the peaks of Colorado, where his insistent demand for equal access to opportunity for all led to a ten-figure merger, one of the largest in the cannabis industry, that Roger again transformed into a platform of raising the bar of excellence. The Highest Common Denominator is a testament to rising together, to reaching higher, and to intersecting at the best version of ourselves, in service of equality, of opportunity, and of optionality.

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